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What are our services?

Professional Translation Services

We, in the Saudia Translation Company, do not translate terms and expressions of certain areas literally; we would rather refer the issue to specialized translators equipped with the necessary knowledge in the specific area, which guarantees the completion of the job in the best professional manner. We try to balance between our translation experts and the requirements of our valued customers in order to provide them with an international level translation services. Our professional translators will avoid literal translation and put all their efforts to convey the comprehensive meaning in the original text with, keeping in mind to bring the best stylistic modes and cultural differences into play.

Language Audit Services

Relying on a wide network of local experienced language audits, we provide language-auditing services that goes hand in hand with the translation services. We provide such services in a quick flexible manner using specific explicit processes.

Specialized Translation Services

If you are looking for a specialized translation in a specific area, we, the Saudi Translation Company, have what you are looking for: translators who would not only understand the subject, but who would be able to provide a specialized accurate translation in the target language of your choice. We guarantee that our specialized translators would provide an exclusive translation of the subject of your specialization; they are endowed with an in-depth understanding of the area, technical terminology and most of the common cultural differences

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